Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring solutions

Cementys engineers offer you remote monitoring solutions customized to your infrastructure monitoring, anormaly detection and risk monitoring needs.

Surveillance de routes
Datatys remote monitoring


    • Monitoring of critical works on the long term (aging).
    • Monitoring by satellite images (INSAR) or drones.
    • Change and leak detection.
    • Punctual monitoring of inaccessible places (cliffs, embankment road, landslide).


    • Monitoring of long-term movements of structures (bridges, supports, dikes, etc.).
    • Continuous monitoring of settlements induced by the works for railways, construction sites, etc.
    • Monitoring of rock wall movements.
    • Bathymetric monitoring and underwater inspection by ROV.
    • Motorized network inspection camera.
    • Leak detection by drone and hyperspectral camera (nearby methane detection for pipelines or refineries).
    • Automatic recognition of faults on wind turbines, assisted by AI.


      • Our training in the use of innovative technologies.
      • Expertise from our R&D, applied to integrated projects.
      • Our experience in infrastructure monitoring.
      • Collaboration with business teams (energy, construction, oil, gas, and chemical industry, nuclear, etc.).
      • Our R&D expertise with the Cementys group.
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